Hotel Aggregation Business in India – Chit chat with Magicrooms Founder

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Hotel Aggregation Business in India – Chit chat with Magicrooms Founder

We have covered Magicrooms, the hotel aggregator service launched by Niranjan Gupta who co-founded Flightraja and here is a quick chit-chat with Niranjan on Hotel aggregation business in India as well as Magicroom’s future plans.

Hotel Aggregation Business in India

As the co-founder of flightraja, we decided to remove the pain in the process of air ticketing as LCC came into existence and forced agents to visit their websites for booking. Thus, the agents had to visit each website to check fares and make booking. Thus, flightraja was born to

bring all airlines in single screen for instant ticketing and  it is the leader in the B2B segment today.

Similarly, agents continue to suffer a very long process to make domestic hotel booking. An average booking process time is 1-2 days to complete a transaction. First the agent has to call the hotels, get tariff, make booking, send DD/cheque and get hotel voucher.

Magicrooms Platform – India’s first hotel inventory distribution system acts as GDS for hotels, in the same way amadeus/galileo does for air tickets. We propose to bring inventory of every hotel in the country under one platform for Travel Agents, online portals, and corporate to access seamless for instant booking and confirmation including payment gateway.

The platform has mirrored the present process that takes place between agent and hotel and has brought down the time taken from 1-2 days to 60 seconds, guaranteed. It has  blocking facility, holiday packages module, variable pricing at hotel discretion, and most importantly, instant confirmation, and generation of hotel voucher instantly with the agent name on it prominently.
We launched in SATTE in April 24th this year to a tremendous response. We have already signed up 350+ hotels in the country including big brands, like Leela, Lemon Tree, Zuri, Casino, ABAD, Ramee, Pride, Orange county, and many more.
The challenge we face in is to reach every hotel in the country especially the budget hotels who do not have internet access.Hotels are very happy to note that they can now load inventory in one platform that will reach every portal and agent worldwide.

Competition? Future Plans?

While it might sound arrogant to say that we do not have competition,I should admit, we do have a challenge to reach hotels all across India, educate them on the platform, change their mindset of taking bookings on phone, and train them on using the platform.

Like all startups, we do have limited budgets, and we have to find ways to  maximise our manpower and resources to achieve this result.
We are talking to few VC’s on first round of funding and are confident  to raise the money which will give us the license to scale our operations to desired levels.

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