MagicRooms – FlightRaja Founder Launches B2B Hotel Aggregator Startup

FlightRaja (now Via) co-founder, Niranjan Gupta has launched MagicRooms, a B2B hotel aggregator that distributes the inventory of hotels across travel agents as well as online channels.

MagicRooms enables hotel partners to distribute parity rate over different sales channels and acts as an interface to upload/manage their inventory.

Travel agents can logon to magicrooms system and check rates and offers of all hotels across India on one platform.

Hotel Aggregation Space

Given the rate at which airline occupancy and commissions have declined in the last few months, it’s imperative for travel agents to look beyond flight reservation – and only a few hotel aggregators works with travel agents (most of them provide consumer services), So Magicrooms has a strong market appeal and if they can work with hotels to get live inventory (almost real-time), they can take the competition to next level (which currently works on quota basis).

What’s your take on Magicrooms’ model?

Development in hotel aggregation space

  • Desiya, one of the pioneers in hotel aggregation space was acquired by Travelguru (for Rs. 100 Crores).
  • Travelocity has been hunting for an acquisition in this space.
  • Inasra, Chennai based startup in similar space too has launched it’s partnership programme (though limited to web only).

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