DailyDose: Hotmail, Outlook And SkyDrive Service Face Outages & 15 Top Stories

DaillyDose, your everyday technology news brief is here. In today’s edition: Hotmail, Outlook And SkyDrive Service are Face Outages & 15 Top Stories.


HTC One faces shipment delays, may hit stores in April: It looks like there’s more bad news down the pike for HTC and its One flagship phone. The handset vendor said today it is pushing back the phone’s arrival of pre orders in certain markets to the end of the month, with a formal rollout to other markets in April, according to a company representative. HTC told CNET last week that Singapore wouldn’t get the One until April. More here.

Google shows off a prescription version of Google Glass: Many people have been asking Google’s Project Glass team if Google Glass will be suitable for those who actually need glasses to see better. Today, Google showed off a prototype of a prescription version of the glasses, which the company said will be available to the public “later this year.” More here.

Digital Living & Gaming

Preorders start for $1,000 Piston console: You can now preorder the first Steam Box, a PC-based gaming console built around Valve’s digital game distribution platform. Prices start at $1,000, though there’s a $100 discount if you order now. Manufacturer Xi3 announced the Piston earlier this year at CES. The “grapefruit-size” Piston uses Steam’s Big Picture feature to bring console-style PC games to TV screens. More here.

Parents crowdfund firstborn child on Indiegogo: Crowdfunding may be a normal way to start a business, but it’s an unusual way to start a baby. Baby Ali-Penny is due soon, and when the kid arrives, it may have one of the first crowdfunded births thanks to the March 2013: Baby Ali-Penny Indiegogo project. “Since getting knocked up, the number one question we have been asked is, ‘What do you guys need?'” mom Fanny says in the project video. The answer is pretty much nothing. The family already has strollers, car seats, onesies, blankets, and socks. What’s left? The birth itself. More here.


DropboxDropbox Revamps Its Desktop Clients With A New Menu And A Bigger Focus On Sharing: The cloud storage buffs at Dropbox have spent quite a bit of time optimizing the service for mobile devices (and mobile developers, naturally), but its desktop client looks and works much the same way it did a few years ago. Well, that’s not the case anymore — the company has just pulled back the curtain on a 2.0 update for its desktop clients that adds some much-needed graphical flair and streamlines the sharing process. More here.

Google Now for iOS teased in alleged demo video: Google has been bringing a lot of its apps to iOS lately, and there’s a chance that Google Now might be the next one. Engadget discovered a promo video for Google Now on the iPhone and iPad that is done convincingly in Google’s style, with a voice that sounds nearly identical to the narrator of a previous Google Now promo. The highlighted features are all what you’d expected from Google Now, and the service appears to be bundled into Google’s excellent iOS search app. While it would be a bit surprising to see Google bring one of Android’s biggest differentiators to iOS, the company has definitely not been shy about showing Apple’s platform some love in recent months. More here.


Google Scoops Up Neural Networks Startup DNNresearch To Boost Its Voice And Image Search Tech: Well, Google’s M&A strategy is nothing if not diverse in focus. In November, it acquired package delivery startup Bufferbox. Last month, Google it made its first acquisition of the year, buying e Commerce startup Channel Intelligence. Today, Google dug into the Computer Science department at The University of Toronto to acquire DNNresearch, a young startup founded by professor Geoffrey Hinton and two of his grad students, Alex Krizhevsky and Ilya Sutskever. More here.

AMD sells its Austin HQ for $164 million to raise some quick cash: The perpetually struggling AMD announced Tuesday that it would sell and lease back its corporate campus in Austin, Texas to generate $164 million in cash. It’s a quick way to make a buck, but it could raise questions about the long-term viability of the company. Nokia pulled the same trick with its Helsinki headquarters back in December 2012, raising $220 million—and Nokia is another struggling company. More here.

Microsoft Is Currently Experiencing Hotmail, Outlook And SkyDrive Service Disruptions: As we reported last month, Microsoft decided to start migrating its old-school Hotmail users over to its shiny new Outlook service. That migration process might not be going so well, as users have flooded sites like Twitter with reports of downtime to the tune of three hours. Its migration approach was to be a slow one, with the move being optional at first. Regardless of the reason, three hours is a long time to not be able to check your email. Upon visiting the Outlook status site, the message looks grim, but doesn’t call it a full outage, with Outlook and SkyDrive being affected as well: More here.

Google Admits Drive-By Data Collection Was Privacy Breach: Google on Tuesday acknowledged to state officials that it had violated people’s privacy during its Street View mapping project when it casually scooped up passwords, e-mail and other personal information from unsuspecting computer users. More here


AT&T makes another attempt to enter India: For more than a decade, AT&T has been trying to enter the Indian market only to see several bumps along the road. Back in the 1990s, AT&T invested in Grasim Industries’ (part of the Birla Group) Birla Communications to form Birla AT&T Communications. The dynamics of the partnership later changed when the Birlas & Tatas decided to join hands. AT&T then exited the Birla-Tata-AT&T joint venture in 2005. (Not long after that, Tatas excited too to start their own service.) More here.

White House asks China to stop hacking, pretty please: After a rash of attacks against US businesses and government agencies throughout the past few months, the White House is now putting the issue of Chinese state-backed hacking on the front burner. Many of these attacks have been tied by network security firms directly or indirectly to a unit of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), though Chinese officials still deny any link to the attacks (they claim that China’s networks are victims being targeted as well). However, country officials signaled a willingness to talk with the US about cooperation on Internet security—even if it’s not clear whether or not the Chinese civilian government is completely in control of the PLA’s operations. More here.

France says Skype could face prosecution for failure to register as a telecom: French regulators have said Skype could face prosecution for failing to register as an “electronic communications operator” with France’s telecom regulator. The agency, known by its French acronym ARCEP, wrote in an English-language statement on Tuesday that “failure to comply with this obligation does, however, constitute a criminal offense.” Being an operator that provides telecom services to the public “also implies compliance with certain obligations, which include the routing of emergency calls and implementing the means required to perform legally ordered [wiretap] interceptions,” according to ARCEP. More here.


facebook_logoFacebook announces three-city Mobile DevCon 2013: Facebook has revealed details about Mobile DevCon 2013, a trio of events this spring, in three of the largest cities on the planet, that’s intended to connect Facebook engineers, product managers, and “like-minded mobile developers.” The Mobile Developer Conference series will kick off in New York City on April 18, followed by a stop in London on May 2, and then concluding in Seoul on May 7. More here.

LinkedIn Rumored to Be Buying Pulse News App: LinkedIn might not be the most popular social network out there but it is definitely the top dog when it comes to business networking. Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved from simple resume hosting and now offers job listings, Twitter integration, news, groups, and more. This week brings rumors that LinkedIn might be branching out even more with the purchase of Pulse Newsreader. More here.

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