HouseinCity Wants To Make Property Buying Easier

The portal lays out housing projects on a map in various cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon with details such as price per square feet, the floor plan and the locality.

Buying a new flat or apartment in the city is a tedious process, especially with a number of new projects popping up in cities. Many of us have wished for a simple, reliable platform where all these projects can be viewed and compared, saving us a lot of time spent travelling to these projects or at property shows.

HouseinCity, the Noida based startup, is here to bring this convenience to you through the Internet. The portal’s sole focus is to make the search for your first home easy and well informed without having to visiting the projects individually. The website continuously tracks prices and availability information of all ongoing residential projects listed with them, this will help you find and compare all projects in one place.


The portal lays out housing projects on a map in various cities like Bangalore and Gurgaon with details such as price per square feet, the floor plan and the locality.

The platform intends to be the source to find current price and availability information, evaluate the connectivity of a location. The service will connect you directly with builder or brokers selling the chosen project, getting rid of other middlemen making it

The website currently competes with builders, brokers, property advertisement sites and other real estate startups like Groffr and Proptiger.

The website has also provided a ‘Report Incorrect’ button for the projects, to notify about inaccurate data about projects.

When we asked them about the authenticity of the listings, co-founder Arun Chaudhary, said “ After a listing is published the builders are granted rights to update the listing. All the listings are updated every 30 days for any price changes. Next our data analysis algorithms kick in to identify any outlier, which are flagged for verification.”

Some key features of the portal are:

  • Commute time based search: Search residential projects within a fixed travel duration from a location. Eg:- Projects within 30 minutes from Koramangala, Bangalore in evening traffic. Commute time search takes into account traffic conditions.

  • Metro Connectivity Heatmaps: Explore regions in a city with best or worst metro connectivity. Option to include under construction and proposed metro stations to visualize future connectivity.

  • Amenities Heatmaps: Heat map of Amenities like Schools and Shopping malls in a city.

  • Project Connectivity: Project connectivity maps check commute times to different places in the city as well as the availability of amenities near that project.

Builders aren’t charged for listing yet. A monthly subscription might be charged later, said Arun Chaudhary. The website currently has more than 250 builders listed in it and gets around 1000 visitors daily.

A Google search for residential projects throws up a list of websites with mostly incorrect information for price,availability and location, making it difficult for the user to separate the signal from the noise. Users tend to have little faith in property websites and end up having to collect these informations from the projects or builders manually.

However, a new breed of startups are trying to fix this by working hard on reliability of listings. For instance, PlanetGhar , a free real estate classifieds platform based on maps. The platform allows users to search accommodation for purchase and rent with filters like city, zip code and area. by TTK group is another online classified search.

Angel backed startup provides a similar map based database using which you can find houses for rent in cities.

With the dearth of online classified portals and features like map based search database, connectivity searches beginning to be a commonplace feature, websites need to do better on reliability and service to keep up with the competition.

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