Housing Acquires Real Estate Forum IREF For 8 crores

IREF is claimed to have a base of about 1.5 lakh active users on its forum

The online real estate portal, Housing.com, has acquired the Indian Real Estate Forum (IREF) for Rs. 8 crore with an aim to deliver the most up-to-date and helpful content to its customers on its real estate platform.
With a base of about 1.5 lakh active users, IREF claims to provide unbiased and clear information on new projects, developers, localities, brokers and plots.housing-acquisition
Housing is currently raising $500mn to take on rival.

IREF To Remain Independent

IREF will stay independent of Housing and will be a separate and neutral enterprise, the forum claims to be. Housing will not have any influence on IREF .
The current administrators of the forum will stay to ensure the independence of the forum.

NextBigWhat’s take: One has to wait and watch. When you acquire a community, you will eventually end up ‘influencing’ decisions.

What will change for IREF users?

IREF users will get easy access to lots of additional data to help their decision-making. The availability, accessibility, timeliness and transparency of the information they need to make informed decisions will dramatically increase.
A mobile app will be launched that will empower the users and members to access IREF anyplace, anywhere, anytime. Extra functionalities and an improved user interface will empower homebuyers to find information, share questions and experiences faster and easier – via web as well as mobile.

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