‘Keep Calm & Keep Shipping’ Has A Whole New Meaning When You Have 12 Co-Founders

As if to prove that too many cooks spoil the broth, startup founders have fall outs all the time. We’ve heard one too many such stories and that is why we get excited when we see a startup with 12 co-founders shipping with great consistency.

First, the news: Map based real estate portal Housing has launched a feature to look up agents on the site. With the Agent Map, users can contact real estate agents. It provides 4 types of search to make this easier. Locality search is a general search for agents in a large area like Bandra, sub locality search is for more specific searches, building and landmark searches are for finer searches.

Agent Map on Housing.com
Agent Map on Housing.com

This is one of the many launches the startup has done in a short period of time. They have also raised a significant amount of money from venture capitalists and made headlines when they bought out the Housing.com domain for $500,000. We asked Advitiya Sharma, Co-Founder & CMO, Housing.com a few tough ones. Here’s what he had to say.

1. You guys are 12 Co-founders. Can you explain who does what?

We have a flat structure at Housing. The company is built on the great performance of many small departments like photography, call center, data collection etc. Each co-founder takes the lead of a department and completely focuses on it.

2. How are you guys managing interaction among yourself? 

We work from the same office 🙂 And we’re very proactive when it comes to internal communication. Even if few of us are in other cities we make it a point to take part in all important discussions.

3. You have grown aggressively – how are you building the DNA of the company? How many co-founders interview candidates?

All the Co-founders take interviews of candidates for their departments. The culture of the company is like that of Facebook. We believe in shipping 🙂 be it a new service, new product, new city.

The Housing Team
The Housing Team

4. What has been the traction so far?

We’ve taken a completely different approach from the beginning. There was an apprehension that the market isn’t ready for photographs of houses etc. But the model has been highly successful. More and more agents are coming in and uploading 100’s of apartments. The model was our biggest bet and everything has been built keeping the consumer in mind.

5. Future plans : Which countries? Why go global so soon, when you have only ‘scratched’ the surface in India.

We are getting in-bound requests since over 6 months. We believe Housing is the best platform worldwide. And people are interested in taking this technology and making it live in their country. We will mostly be providers of technology and not get into the operations.

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