The Quora Thread Between Housing And Sequoia Is..Chutzpah [Popcorn]

Popcorn time, folks!
Housing founder, Rahul Yadav went ahead and wrote a nasty email to Sequoia’s Shailendra Singh asking him to stop poaching employees from Housing team.

Startup Popcorn
Startup Popcorn

From: Rahul Yadav <>
Date: Fri, Mar 6, 2015 at 7:39 PM
Subject: Last straw
To: Shailendra Singh (Sequoia Capital India)
I’ve been humble to you guys even after inhuman and unethical things that you’ve done with Housing in the past.
You did the same inhuman and unethical things with large number of entrepreneurs including Ola, TFS, Flipkart, Dexetra and many more…
Now I just came to know you personally are completely after Housing’s employees and are brainwashing them to open some stupid incubation.
If you don’t stop messing around with me, directly or even indirectly, I will vacate the best of your firm.
Also, this mark the beginning of the end of Sequoia Cap in India.
Try me 🙂
Enjoy Holi!

Sequoia’s Shailendra Singh replied back with (surprisingly).
A few curated pieces from his reply:

My best guess is that this mail has been triggered by an offer that we made to one of the Housing employes to join us as an analyst. Here is some more context – based on feedback from entrepreneurs in India, we decided to expand our analyst pool to include younger team members who have start–up experience. During this recruiting exercise, we evaluated over 100 candidates from multiple companies and geographies, and I personally met about a dozen of them, including two housing employees, whom I spent an hour each with. We made an offer to one of them, and he decided to join us.
While these are the facts, I would still like to use this opportunity to talk about something larger and close to my heart – how will we all work together to create a better start-up ecosystem in india? During my career in the valley, what stood out is a feeling of community – amongst entrepreneurs, employees, and investors – and a sense of professionalism, not personalizing the competition between funds or individuals, and having a drink together in the evening. For us, that means not being vindictive and petty and instead being collaborative with the ecosystem – to focus on what matters in the long term.

rahul yadav vs sequoia
While you enjoy the popcorn moment, don’t forget that these things are bound to happen and founder’s public message and Sequoia’s public reply might look a bit chutzpah-ish, but then nobody is spared in the new new world of Quora and Secretly.
Who is the biggest loser of them all ? Secretly!
This thread was supposed to happen there. KPCB/Google Ventures/Matrix and others – you just lost your popcorn moment!
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