How big businesses get people to spend more money? They use these 18 psychological tricks

18 psychological tricks to get people to spend more money.

Apple, Tesla, and your favorite creators use them to make millions.

Use them in your landing pages and branding.

1/ Use ‘You’ instead of ‘We’

It’s easy to get caught up in your own POV.


Use the words “you” and “your” in your copy…

> connect with your readers
> empathize with them
> engage them

2/ Speak their language with typography

Fonts have personality.

Match your fonts to the intented tone of your landing page.

Sans Serif portrays stability and strongness.
Serif – tradition and formality.
Script – elegance and stylish.
Slab – bold and friendly

3/ Use colors that make sense to your market.

Imagine selling a “get shredded” product for men and making your landing page pink.

Don’t expect sales.

Therefore, understand the colors of business.

4/ Hick’s Law

Hick’s Law says that the more options a person has, the longer it takes for them to make a choice.

The longer it takes, the more likely it is that they’ll leave your page.

Make sure this doesn’t happen by giving your readers fewer choices.

5/ Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy helps people find their way around your page.

It also help them process in the information in the way you want.

And finally, it shows which elements are related.

6/ Use the mysterious power of scarcity

Things appear more attractive when they are limited.

People move quickly when they feel it’s their last chance to buy something.


Never use fake scarcity.

And be clear about why your supply is limited.

7/ Always be telling what to do next

Bring your readers into the action.

Tell them what to do next.

Is it to click? Read more? Buy? Make an appointment?

Tell them what to do.

8/ Don’t make them think

In his book “Don’t Make Me Think,” Steve Krug talks about the 3 rules of usability:

Law #1: Don’t make me think

Law #2: Make every click an obvious choice with no need to think

Law #3: Half the words on each page, then half them again

9/ Make people reciprocate

Give away free stuff: trials, bonuses, free content, free services.

Doing so, triggers people into reciprocity mode.

Do a favor, and people usually pay you back.

10/ Abuse social proof

Most people scout for others’ opinions before making a decision.

Therefore, add testimonials to your landing pages to make you look more trustworthy.

Also, highlight popular options.

11/ Coffee hack: framing is king

“Join for less than the cost of one cup of coffee per.”

As soon as you read this, you knew you would be paying less the 5 bucks.

This is because people make comparisons before buying.

So frame your pricing in an unexpected ways.

12/ The final countdown hack

Trigger a sense of urgency by adding a deadline.

Add a countdown timer to make the deadline more obvious.

Some people hate these, but they work.

13/ Appeal to emotion.

The idea that people buy features is fake.

What they actually buy is the emotion and transformation you promise.

A simple way to achieve this is by telling a story with your headlines.

14/ F-shape layouts in your landing pages

People are hurry or just want to muddle their way through.

So use an F-shape in your designs and text layout.

An F-shape to makes your content easier to read.

15/ Appeal to Authority

Strengthen the argument that your product is a good one by showcasing authority figures who endorced it.

16/ Write for scanners

83% of people read only headlines.

Spend 80% of your time working on your headline.

Because if your headline sucks, your copy sucks.

Therefore, add tons of headline in your copy.

17/ Law of Commitment

Asking a girl to marry you at the bar is creepy.

So first, offer her for a drink.

Next, ask her to join you at your table.

Then you ask her on a date.

And so on.

Ask for a small commitment and then ask for a bigger one.

18/ The 100-year-old manuever

In the early 1900s…

Advertising legend Claude Hopkins revolutionize the sales of Schlitz beer.

He developed a new sales strategy.

He just described how the product is made.

Bring your process to life. Tell your story.

That’s a wrap!

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