How to ‘find’ a Co-Founder and divide equity [Whiteboard Friday]

How do I find a cofounder? Importantly, where do I find a cofounder?

These are the questions a lot of early stage entrepreneurs have and in this episode of eLagaan Whiteboard Friday, the eLagaan team discusses with Naeem Zafar* how an entrepreneur can go about finding a co-founder.

And once you have a co-founder how do you split the equity/stocks between the founders, taking into consideration vesting schedules, role played by the co-founder. Also, the video talks about common scenarios to deal with things such as what you should do when the co-founder comes in late in a startup, or is not performing or is a family member.

* For the uninitiated, Naeem Zafar has done 6 startups so far (is now the founder of BitzerMobile) and he has extensive experience in mentoring and coaching founders and CEOs.

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