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How does one define the lean product?

Lately, I am seeing a lot of talk on lean products. How does one define that? Minimalistic features/Small release cycles? or is it something more than that?

Best economical but efficient Logistics services in India

Blue dart is way to expensive, so am looking for other options My criteria is as follows: 1)On time delivery 2)Economical 3)Technical support for integrating their tracking system with our web.

Best All In One printer with fax for small businesses in India

Hi, I am looking for an All In One printer with fax for small businesses. Budget Rs 10000 In particular , Does anybody know which Epson All in One printer with fax is good for small businesses

Domain whitelisting?

How do I get my domain white listed? Though we do not face issue with Gmail, Yahoo mail is a huge challenge.

Employee NDA Template

Is there a standard NDA template for employees? We are hiring our first employee and really have no clue on the legal part of the process. Any help?

Government funding

Has anyone here has got funded through government agencies like TEPP?

What Technologies Used to Start up a Travel Website

Entering into an agreement with resellers

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