How does the ten minute rule of productivity work

The Ten Minute Rule is a common practice in the UK where a backbench member of parliament, who is neither a part of the government nor the opposition, is asked to make a ten-minute speech for a new bill. After that, another MP is asked to speak for ten minutes opposing the bill.

Once the ten minutes rule motion passes, it is added to the list of bills to be debated. 
The Ten Minute Rule is considered a practical and productive way to review the issues that can disrupt the legislation.

The Ten Minute Rule of productivity can effectively tackle the struggle with procrastinating. 

The Ten Minute Rule of productivity is about “tricking” your limbic system by talking yourself into getting started. The idea is to make starting the task as easy as possible. 

Instead of focusing on the outcome, it’s about focusing on the output. Avoid overplanning and overthinking. Just get started.

If you have to build a new feature, tell yourself to code for 10 minutes. Similarly, if you have to run for 5k, tell yourself that you will run for 10 minutes. Most of the time, you will decide to keep going long past the initial ten minutes.
This technique works effectively because you will do the work for a longer duration once you get started.

The Ten Minute Rule is all about the art of showing up. It is not about the quick wins, rather it’s about the ripple effect of getting started. 

It’s harder to start than to keep going.

It’s harder to start something new when you are procrastinating. After you start, it becomes easier to continue. It is about getting in the flow and forgetting that you just committed for ten minutes.

It focuses on the output and not the outcome.

When you commit to a task for ten minutes, it removes the pressure of “being successful.” The measure of performance becomes something simple and controllable.

It helps build new habits. 

Developing a habit is often hard and setting bigger targets just makes it more complicated. However, the Ten Minute rule is easy and repeatable, which will help you form new habits.

The Ten Minute Rule of productivity because it allows you to get some sort of tangible output. 

Commit to a short amount of time, get started, and see if you want to keep on going past the initial few minutes. And if you do decide to stop, a few minutes are better than nothing anyway.


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