Daily Dose : How Google News works?, Bitcoin ATM, HP launches Slate 7

18 operators have announced their commitment to Firefox OS, which will power the world’s first Open Web Devices. Firefox OS offers the performance, personalization and price you want in a smartphone and a beautiful, clean, intuitive, personalized and easy-to-use experience.  [source]

How Google News works?
The search giant updated its patent filing (link) with a new document detailing the thirteen metrics it uses to retrieve and rank articles and sources for its news service.

A first metric in determining the quality of a news source may include the number of articles produced by the news source during a given time period[week or month][This metric] may be determined by counting the number of non-duplicate articles produced by the news source over the time period [or]counting the number of original sentences produced by the news source.(read).


HP launches Slate 7

HP has launched Slate 7. The HP Slate 7 delivers the Google experience with services like Google Now, Google Search.

Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive and Google+ Hangouts for multiperson video chat as well as access to apps and digital content through Google Play.

The HP Slate7 includes a 3-megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera on the front for chatting, videos and photos [read]

The Bitcoin ATM

To obtain Bitcoins, people use an iPhone app like Blockchain or Android’s BitcoinSpinner to show the ATM a QR code with their desired address for payments. After they insert a dollar bill (denominations up to $100 are accepted), the ATM automatically credits their Bitcoin account with the proceeds. There’s a 1 percent transaction fee.[read]

 Wikipedia to deliver articles via text messages in coming months

We’re very excited about delivering Wikipedia via text, which we expect to roll out within the next few months. With the program, users will send a text request to Wikipedia and, within seconds, they will get the article to their phone.[read]

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