How Indian ecommerce companies are performing in social media [Hint: Junglee is better than Flipkart]


How Indian ecommerce companies are performing in social media [Hint: Junglee is better than Flipkart]

In the last couple of years, growth in the Indian ecommerce sector has been nothing short of extraordinary. Kickstarted by SnapDeal, who has recently pivoted from a daily deals site to a place to get bargains on a range of products and services, eCommerce in India is expected to grow by… In 2010, launched by selling books at prices far cheaper than Landmark, Crossword and Odyssey could match and are now the number one online retailer in India. Since then, a whole slew of brands have come (and gone), including the recent launch of Junglee, a venture by eCommerce heavy weight Amazon.

While not a great metric to look at, the number of fans that a brand has can give an idea of how popular it is. In this chart, we have ordered the brands by number of fans and included the number of months the business has been in operation. Flipkart is leading the field with the most fans but Junglee stands out has having nearly as many fans as Myntra despite being only 1/10th the age.

Junglee’s growth in the last 30 days has been quite stellar in comparison to the other brands who all registered mid-low single digit growth rates. It’s not like Junglee’s growth has been sporadic either, it has been consistent week by week since it launched. At the current growth rate, we can expect Junglee to be the most popular Indian eCommerce store on Facebook by Christmas.


Having lakhs of fans is great to boast about to people outside social media, but anyone in the industry knows that getting your fans to engage is the most important thing. Unmetric calculates an engagement score based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and estimated Impressions that each post gets. Junglee is leading the pack in this metric thanks to the high number of shares they are getting for each post they make. Despite pivoting from being a daily deals site, SnapDeal focus much of their attention on Facebook to promote deals which is not engaging fans as well as other brands – a case of going overboard, perhaps.

People Talking About This

The People Talking About This (PTAT) metric is Facebook’s way of judging how well a brand is engaging with fans. On average, Unmetric has found that most sectors have a PTAT of around 1-2%. Anything above this is evidence that a brand is doing something exceptional. Since Junglee is achieving consistently high engagement scores on its content, it’s no surprise to see them leading the field in this metric – and by quite a distance too. Jabong and are also performing well withaverage PTATs of 3.6% and 3.4% respectively. Flipkart is struggling to engage their 10 lakh fans with only 1.3% of people taking part in the conversation.

What The Brands Are Talking About

Most brands on Facebook have realized that to get engagement, they need to post pictures. However, some companies are better at this than others. Since deals and offers help to drive sales, it’s probably no surprise to see brands are posting mostly in this category. Contests also get a lot of attention from brands, but what really drives engagement is photos. All the brands are leveraging events and holidays to drive up engagement on their pages. We are also looking out for any Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but the brands we analysed either don’t do much CSR or are very reticent to talk about it.

When Are Brands Posting

The Internet is a never sleeping, always on medium which is why it surprises us when we see a brand adhering to a strict 9-5 posting schedule. In our studies, we’ve always found that posts on the weekend receive more engagement on average than those during the week.


Positive Sentiment

eCommerce is still in the nascent stages in India with the average brand being just 2 1?2 years old. There are plenty of kinks that need to be ironed out with inventory, delivery and billing. The three oldest players in this industry have the most positive sentiment from fan posts on their page. This could be due to their experience in ensuring that their customers get timely deliveries and the return and refund policies are robust and work seamlessly. Jabong has the lowest positive sentiment out of all the brands but they don’t allow fans to post directly on their page.

Gender Divide

In India, social media is a male preserve. This is the opposite to America, Europe and Australia where the gender divide is more balanced but more often than not, brands have more female fans. The graph below illustrates how expansive the gender gap in India really is. Myntra, a clothing focused online store, is the number one brand for men in India – an indication, perhaps, that men will simply wear anything without even trying it on!

Out Playing Flipkart

When it comes to sales and visitors, Flipkart is still the big daddy in the sector, but on social media, the smaller, nimbler players are asserting their dominance. Junglee is a complete new comer, but in just a few short months has managed to amass over 6.5 lakh fans and is still growing at an astonishing rate of 31%. When it comes to engaging those fans, Flipkart appears to be struggling, getting only 1.3% of their fans to engage. Even when the fans do engage, it’s most likely to be with a Like or Comment which doesn’t have the viral reach of a Share. On the other hand, Junglee’s content strategy appears to be paying off because they have been consistently engaging 9% or more of the fans. The engagement is worthwhile too because so many of the fans are sharing the content which helps extend Junglee’s reach even further to Friends of Fans. This amount of people sharing Junglee’s content is reflected in their engagement score of 88 compared to Flipkart’s engagement score of 21.

[Guest article contributed by Peter of Unmetric team.]

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