How Indian Women uses Smartphones : They read news, watch TV programs, make payments


How Indian Women uses Smartphones : They read news, watch TV programs, make payments

A survey* by Google (in partnership with IPSOS and the MMA) reveals interesting behavioral insights regarding usage of smartphones among Indian women.

– 55% of Indian female Smartphone users prefer their smartphones for reading news, while only 19% of UK and US females prefer their smartphones to do so.

– The love for television programs of Indian women continue and now reach to their Smartphone with 25% of Indian female Smartphone users who would like to watch their favorite TV programs online though the fondness for television exists.

– While 84% of female smartphone users in India use their phones while listening to music only 47% of their counterpart in UK and 44% of the US females do so.

– 54% of Indian women like to watch videos through their smartphones .smartphone_indian_women

Indian females prefer making mobile payment

– 18% of women smartphone users in India purchase daily through their smartphones though only a mere 7% female population purchase through their smartphones on a daily basis in UK and US.

– 27% of Indian female smartphone users prefer to make payments through their smartphones whereas only 3% of the US females prefer mobile payment

– While, 60% of female smartphone owners in India rely on the logic of ROBO (Research online and Buy Offline), only 21% of UK women smartphones users from UK depend on their smartphones for browsing and researching about the products before purchase.

Oh well and guess what, Indian women do not use smartphones for looking up directions. Only 42% of Indian females use their smartphones to get directions whereas US females tops this list with nearly 70% of them using their smartphones to get locate places and get directions.

[*Before you take surveys on their face value, read: Why and how to read survey reports?.]

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