How investing in yourself can help you achieve happiness and success in life

These are the categories I invest in: 1. Education 2. Physical Health 3. Mental Health 4. Relationships If I get these things right, I know I am doing well – Ndamukong

Investing in stocks, startups, crypto, real estate, and whatever else can create a lot of wealth. That’s great. But truly achieving happiness and success in life starts with one thing: Investing in yourself 🧵
Our lives often get more hectic the more successful we become. And it gets more difficult to justify taking the time and energy to invest in ourselves. Instead we just focus on short term gains in our careers, often at the expense of ourselves. This is a mistake.
I attribute a lot of my success to continuously making sure I am my best self. But to do that well, you need to focus. These are the categories I invest in: 1. Education 2. Physical Health 3. Mental Health 4. Relationships If I get these things right, I know I am doing well.
1/ Education For me, learning is about doing. That’s why I prioritize having strong mentors. Investing in your education means paying for experiences, trying new things or skills. This investment should be in something that will have an impact, not just in knowing more stuff.
2/ Health Health is finding a way to stay fit as your life style changes over time. I don’t do the same workouts I did in college or even the same ones I did before I had my boys. If you don’t invest in a health routine that matches your lifestyle, it’s doomed to fail.
Shoutout to @a16z on this one for setting a great example. I’ve seen them do basketball games for their founders early in the morning. It’s the right activity, at the right time of day, for people building startups. It’s competitive, collaborative, exercise. Love to see it.
3/ Mental Health Luckily, this category is finally getting the attention it deserves. Even I’ll admit that in the early days this wasn’t a huge focus. Now it is. For me it comes down to two things: knowing myself (EQ) and taking quality breaks.
Knowing myself is understanding what makes me productive and happy. After a lot of trial and error, I recognize the conditions that help me thrive. Example: I need to go somewhere in the morning to work, or focus. The whole work from home thing doesn’t do it for me.
Having recovery time is also huge. I’ve realized I can’t be football 24/7 and still perform at the highest level. I’ve had two championship runs, one successful, one not. The difference? When we won, I was more balanced and not burnt out. I was taking quality breaks.
/4 Relationships I am always making sure to surround myself with the right people. They don’t have to 100% agree with me, and I welcome diverse perspectives. But at the end of the day does the relationship come out net positive? Do we feed off each other in a good way?
Healthy relationships are also a lot about communication, EQ, and delivery. One of the most important things for me is can I speak frankly to this person and vice versa. Can we have tough conversations and does this make things better? If yes, keep doing what you’re doing.
Being able to achieve success on the field, or off it, is actually just a bi-product of continuously investing in myself over time. I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t. I believe succeeding at anything starts with making sure the foundation is healthy.
The IMPORTANT LESSON here is that finding the best ways of investing in yourself is something that is always changing. It always needs to be reevaluated. It’s a never ending process that takes effort.
Now, this is all just me and I’m sure it means different things to different people. I come on here to learn from you all as much as you learn from me. So curious to know how you invest in yourselves as well 👇
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