How Larry Page and Sundar Pichai split duties #Leadership


Alphabet CEO Larry Page receives regular financial information about every Alphabet company but doesn’t allocate resources to individual product areas within Google or within individual Other Bets.

  •  Every week he gets reports summarizing revenue and operating profitability for Alphabet, Google as a whole, and combined Other Bets.
  •  Every month he gets reports summarizing operating results for individual Other Bets.
  •  Page does not receive specific profitability and/or expense information for any product areas within Google as part of the weekly, quarterly or any other regular reporting. For example, Page wouldn’t receive reports that showed YouTube’s versus Google Cloud’s profitability.

Neither Page nor his co-founder, Alphabet President Sergey Brin, receive the weekly and quarterly reports received by Sundar Pichai.

Isn’t it amazing how much of confidence and clarity these leaders have? In India, big corporates don’t exhibit these – instead, a lot of smaller ones tend to build ‘trust based’ leadership structure.
Long way to go.

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