60 Million Women in India are Online : Google Study. Really?

As per Google India, 150 million Indians are online out of which women population constitute 60 million, i.e. 40% of the population.google_doodle_womens_day_thumb.jpg

Out of 60 million, 75% are in the 15-34 age group, with over 24 million women accessing the Internet daily.

Before you take this data on it’s face value, it is important to note that the survey was done online with a sample size of only 1000, which we believe is too small to come up with a mind-blowing number like this (FYI, our Indian Startup Accelerator survey had a sample size of 12,500).

Key findings from the study, termed ‘Women & Web’

  • 3 in 4 women in SEC A/B are now online and 75% are in the 15-34 age group.
  • 24 million women are accessing the Internet daily.
  • Among women who had access to Internet, over 50% said that Internet research influenced their decision before finalising a product.
  • Most researched category and influence on final purchase decisions – Internet influence was the highest for skin care (72%), baby care (69%) and hair care (65%) products.
  • In terms online activity, email, search and social networking were the biggest drivers for women. Downloading music, looking for educational content, job search, watching videos and consuming news were the other top activities.
  • Women population account for 40% of the total monthly YouTube user base in India.

The Truth:  18 million OR 60 million?

In the past, we have often said that one should know how to read surveys and Google India’s Women & Web study is a classic example of extrapolation of numbers (and eventually losing context). If you are asking those who are online whether they are online, the report is bound to get lopsided.

Assuming that most of these SEC A and B women are on Facebook as well (which is a very high probability), the actual number stands at 18.2 million, which is far more realistic than what Google India reports.

Online Women in India
Online Women in India

Or is it that Google is trying to get more women centric advertisers? Well, for sure this 60 million data is far far away from the reality and we certainly hope that Google India team revisits such survey methodologies.

On a different note, professionals from digital industry do understand the ‘actual numbers’ and surveys like this will wash out trust in Google, especially when it comes to demographics targeting. They are more likely to use Facebook for advertising than trust Google with its data.

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