How Marketers are Using Social Media Marketing Successfully

Mostly all businesses today, whether large or small, are using social media marketing, not only to improve their search results but to create a better sense of brand loyalty and showcase brand presence among their customers.

An interesting infographic by Pagemodo shows that more than 90% of marketers use social media and what is surprising is that growing sales in not amongst their top priorities.

The most common benefit of social media is exposure for the business, the report claims, where as increasing sales comes in the last with less than half the people surveyed citing it as a benefit.

– Facebook and Twitter have witnessed far more usage for social marketing than blogs which used to be more popular till a couple of years ago.

More than 77% marketers claim they plan to use more of video marketing on social sites like YouTube to increase their exposure further.

Have a look at this interesting infographic (click on the image for better resolution).

All geared up to make videos then?

Social Media Infographics
Social Media Infographics


Are marketeers now getting the whole point behind ‘social media’?

[Guest article written by Prateek Panda, Head of Business Development at GenCrowd, an online marketplace for startups and small businesses to brainstorm, generate, and refine Ideas for their business].

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