How not to market your product – few lessons for Indian Entrepreneurs

Few days back, Prashant wrote a great post on Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Indian Startups, where he covered the unconventional ways startups can reach out to potential users (without burning major ca$h).

And I am surprised to see few startups actually following the super spammy ways to promote their site. Two examples:

1. Got this mail today morning:
“Hi there, I found a great new website where you can meet people and found it to be quite interesting. Do check it out here ( Have fun and don’t forget to invite your friends too !!”

Sender’s id:
So people2meet (which I have anyways profiled earlier) just heard about itself and found their own product very interesting?

2., a smsgupshup clone (which in itself is a twitter clone) has been spamming the site with comments like these:

“.. is another startup in the mobile space. Its still in alpha but looks promising.”

Honestly, I have no concerns about startups leveraging this channel/site to market their product – I am all for it (and the entire basis of is to help startups in what’er way I can).
But please market yourself with certain style (and respect), so that all the effort that you have put in to build your product reaches the right audience, in the right manner.

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