Surprising Findings About How People Actually Buy Clothes and Shoes #Myths

Researchers studied actual decisions made by 1,500 apparel and footwear shoppers in the United States.
We asked them about everything from their initial motivation to shop, to the shopping journey itself, to how they felt after making their purchase.
And here are some conclusions:
Myth #1: Shopping has become truly omnichannel.
Fact: Most journeys are still overwhelmingly single-channel, though this is changing.

Myth #2: The sales channel doesn’t matter.
Fact: When consumers purchase online, they tend to buy more

Myth #3: Online shopping is about instant gratification.
Fact: Online journeys tend to be longer than in-store.

Myth #4: The retailer doesn’t matter.
Fact: Spend is dramatically higher at brand stores and websites than in multibrand stores.

Myth #5: Consumers always want something new.
Fact: Very often, they are happy to rebuy the same or a similar item.

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