How Products are conceived, discussed and Destroyed (Product Management)

In big organizations, new product ideas from some of the powerful voices in the company are generally applauded and are taken with a lot of enthusiasm. Most competent employees are brought to nail down the ‘world changing’ idea and detail out the execution.

WYDINWYB, i.e. What You Discuss Is Not What You Build.

Mid way, somebody gets the whole concept wrong, too many powerful parties start putting up their nose in the execution, and after realizing that things are messed up, the end result is made to look like the goal, with lots of bells and whistles.

This happens with big organizations (Yahoo/AOL, are you listening?) but if you are a startup, you have to watch out for such signs.

Watch this great video on how product requirements are messed with the actual requirements, when everybody becomes the product manager and you start taking ‘a request’ as ‘the request’.

Slightly longish video, but fun to watch.

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