Stallmart Wants to Take Offline Retailers Online and Enable Social Shopping

As the number of online buyers increase, small retailers wanting to sell on the Internet are also on the rise. There are a bunch of marketplaces that help retailers sell their products online. But not too many offer a place where a seller can set up their own stalls with multiple products.

Bangalore based startup Stallmart does that. Its a social marketplace where local retailers can set up their online stores to start selling products. It connects shoppers, sellers & marketers and helps in business listing, product search and discovery.

The website helps online buyers find products near their locality and also discover the products in a real store without visiting the physical store.

“Stallmart tries solve the problem of lack of information of the real market on the web,” says Rodney Lewis, one of the co-founders of Stallmart. Sellers can add unlimited number of products to the stall.

The site has some social features, where you can follow stalls and like products. This will help them with some organic promotions and leads.StallmartStallmart also allows coupons to promote products along with an online bargaining feature. The site is very fresh, so you won’t find too many listings on it yet but the team is working on adding more stalls to the network, says Lewis, who has spent over 8 years in the Information Technology industry.

We think that its an interesting concept worth a shot. However, the startup will encounter tremendous friction from the small retailers who are often not very web savvy. It is one thing to get bus ticketing agents who were already used to computers to put up their inventory online like Redbus did. But its a whole different game when it comes to retail. Inventory management in the case of bus tickets (one type of product) isn’t too complicated as in the case of retail where you need to deal with hundreds of different type of products which are constantly changing in value. Getting retailers to add products to the site itself might prove a challenge.

Give Stallmart a spin and let us know what you think.

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