Power of Internet: How Saroo Brierley Found His Birth Mother 25 Years After He was Lost on a Train

This is an unbelievable story. The Internet continues to inspire and surprise us. Only a few days ago, we wrote about Chandralekha, a housewife from Kerala whose one year old song went viral on the Internet and fetched her singing offers from record labels. Here’s another amazing story!

A boy, who got lost 25 years ago in India, has finally found his birth mother, after being through a lot of adventures with the help of Google Earth and some smart thinking from his new home in Tasmania, reports the BBC. Google has released a touching video of this the boys journey home.

The story goes something like this: Saroo Brierley, was only only five years old when he got lost while traveling with his older brother in an Indian train.  He fell asleep in the train and was shocked when he woke up 14 hours later in Calcutta, India’s third largest city, and realised that his brother was not around.

Five year old Saroo wandered the streets, took to begging and was eventually put up for adoption by an orphanage in Calcutta. Brierleys, a couple from Tasmania, adopted him from the orphanage and he finally moved to his new home. His desire to find his birth mother back home never died and as he grew older the desire grew stronger, the report said.

Finally he decided to start looking with the help of some basic calculations and Google Maps. ”I multiplied the time I was on the train, about 14 hours, with the speed of Indian trains and I came up with a rough distance, about 1,200km,” Saroo told BBC.

He then drew a circle on a map of India with Calcutta as its centre and the approximate distance he thought he had travelled as the radius. “When I found it, I zoomed down and bang, it just came up. I navigated it all the way from the waterfall where I used to play,” Saroo told BBC. He had found Khandwa, his town he left 25 years ago.

He soon made his way to Khandwa, the town he had discovered, and started searching for his old house using recollections from his old memories. But he was distraught to discover a battered house and realised that his family lived did not live there anymore.

Saroo Brierley & His Birth Mother
Saroo Brierley & His Birth Mother

After much asking around he soon realised that the family has moved. “Another person came and then a third person turned up, and that is when I struck gold. He said, ‘Just wait here for a second and I shall be back.’ And when he did come back after a couple of minutes he said, ‘Now I will be taking you to your mother.'” Saroo told the British broadcaster.

“She grabbed my hand and took me to her house. She could not say anything to me. I think she was as numb as I was. She had a bit of trouble grasping that her son, after 25 years, had just reappeared like a ghost.” he said.

Brierley grew up in Australia and has written a book titled A Long Way Home on his life.

What a story!

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