How should PR firm approach Bloggers – Part 2

Few days back, I talked about how PR firms should approach bloggers and in continuation with that, here are a few interesting results from APAC wide blogger survey (125 blogs) conducted by Text100, a PR firm.

Bloggers are the new media, they are not to be treated like second-class journalists or expected to behave like traditional journalists. It’s a whole new landscape and PR people should learn to accept it”

  • Bloggers concerns included receiving unsolicited spam from PR agencies, and were frequently critical of the content they received, feeling it was inappropriate and unusable.
  • While most bloggers ignore traditional press releases, 88% were aware of so-called Social Media Releases and indicated they were in favour of using elements such as videos, quotes, pictures and links from these releases in their posts
  • Provide them with targeted information -not mass mailing
  • Read and understand blogs first before engaging
  • Content is not as important as the relationship. The better the relationship, the better PR firms will know what the blogger wants and how they work
  • Avoid mass-mailing!
  • An introductory email is essential to ask if interested in receiving information about a specific topic or company.

blogger PR preferred means of contact

Essentially, it’s important for PR firms to understand the blogger’s domain/interest and target them aptly.

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