How should PR firms approach Bloggers?


How should PR firms approach Bloggers?

Very recently a PR firm asked my opinion on the said topic, i.e. How should PR firms approach bloggers.

Unlike media, bloggers are choosy and good bloggers do maintain a niche – so here are a few advice to PR firms:

  • Be a little personal and informal– Instead of “Dear wellwisher”, how about “hey <>”? – I receive 3-4 PR emails a day and tend to overlook the ones who label me a wellwisher!
  • Contextual – Am I interested in fashion related news? That doesn’t suit the context, but I still receive such PR mails.
  • That thing” – Smart companies figure out who smart bloggers are – and they do provide “that” piece of news to them, much before releasing in media. Though PR companies can’t have the liberty to do so, PR professionals in the company can be a little more intelligent (and influence PR cos. to identify the “A” list)
  • No Lame News – This is more to do with PR-Client relationship, but if companies can avoid lame news, it will be good on their pockets as well as blogger’s schedule. Adding data/numbers adds a lot of credibility to a PR news and that can potentially interest bloggers to cover the story.

In essence, it’s really important for PR firms to understand blogger’s niche and target them appropriately.

What else?

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