How startups can use free classifieds as an effective and cheap marketing tool?

[Guest post by Amit of goforads, a classified portal.]

Online classifieds today provide a very easy, fast and free medium for sellers to reach out to customers. However while going classifieds way to advertise your products/ website or business it is important for startups to focus on classifieds which are search engine optimized to achieve maximum result for their efforts.
Search engine optimized classified site in simple language means that on such site your ad is easily identified and indexed by search engines like Google and appears in top links when a related search is made. This way a lot of free traffic is generated. In today’s world most of the web traffic emerges from Google and other search engines and hence this is very important part of the classifieds marketing strategy.

Few more key points that a seller should keep in mind while starting classifieds marketing efforts for maximum ROI are:

  1. Search for key words like “free classifieds” or “post free ads” through search engine and preferably your target country specific search engine. As a rule of thumb sites which would list on first 2 pages would be very good SEO friendly classified sites.
  2. Visit these classifieds and shortlist the ones which offer categories where your products fit in. Prepare this list for your campaign and keep updating frequently as these rankings change very fast.
  3. Submit a listing of your product under the appropriate category. Include price, quantity, condition, age, a picture and any other relevant details.
  4. Provide adequate communication channels for buyers like phone, email, mobile etc to reach you.
  5. Repost your ads before expiry. Some sites would send you an email reminder for this.

Always include a company logo or website thumbnail in your Ads. This helps in long term towards building a loyal customer base. As a startup you really need to control your finances and classifieds could be a good kick starter for you at almost no cost.

What’s your opinion?