How to be adept at time management and save hours of wasted time

The most underrated skill; time management.

Here’s how to be a master at it and save 10+ hours you’ve wasted this week.

Time management is one of the most improtant skills we must learn from a young age.

Nothing in life will wait for us and we must meet deadlines each and every day for various tasks and goals.

Let’s begin:

1. Plan Out Your Day

If you don’t write a plan for HOW you will use your hours

Then there is a good chance you will waste them.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Here’s how to add more hours to your day:

• The night before, plan the entire day
• Allocate each task according to the time it needs to be done
• Most important one’s come first

Doing so will save you hours of procrastination as you will know what needs to be done.

2. Wake Up At 04:00 AM

This habit alone has saved me countless hours over the last few years.

Rising at 04:00 helps you allocate a work block before everyone even wakes up.

You are in silence, with no distractions.

Here’s how to make this a habit:

• Prioritize your night-time routine
• Be in bed by 21:00
• No caffeine after 12:00 PM

3. Prioritize Important Tasks

Any task or goal that is important to you, must be done first thing in the morning.

Anything that is demanding or hard

When done first thing in the morning on a fresh state the results are always better.

Example of a Morning Routine:

• Rise + Cold Shower
• Plan the Day
• Grab a cup of coffee + get to work

This can be done in 20-30m and then you can dedicate 1-3h to your work before your day even starts.

4. Challenge Yourself

It is important to make life fun wherever you can.

A fun thing to do is to challenge yourself with an activity you do daily by trying to do it just a little faster.

Set a timer and try to beat your previous time.

Apply this fun challenge by:

• Doing an activity faster in less total time
• Doing more at the same time
• Keep track of progress as you improve.

5. Consistency

The most important determining factor to all of this is if you will remain consistent.

Everyone can have 2-3 near-perfect days where they manage to do so many tasks

But what about 30, 50, or even 100 days?

Here’s How to avoid slip-ups:

• Be clear with your goals
• Manage daily expectations
• Set clear goals for each stage of your journey
• Break goals down into daily actionable steps.

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