How to break your phone addiction? Use these 8 simple ways

1. Take breaks away from screens

Do you work full-time from your computer?

If yes, take your work break away from screens.

Do this instead:

• Go for a walk
• Meditate for 10 min
• Do some pushups
• Listen to some soothing music
• Take a nap
• Spend time with your family

2. Mute Notifications

The constant notifications on your phone are making you less productive,

and feeding your brain with cheap dopamine.

It takes 20-30 minutes to get into the flow state.

Try this:

• Turn off notifications
• Turn on Airplane Mode
• Put your phone away

3. Spend more time in nature

No matter how tired you are from work both mentally and physically,

a day spent in nature can fix all of that.

Try these activities:

• Biking
• Hiking
• Walking
• Camping
• Go on adventures

Doing these activities will relieve your anxiety.

4. Consume digital information mindfully

You should eat only when you feel hungry.

Similarly, you should follow the same approach to consuming information & media.

Do this to consume mindfully:

• Schedule 1-2 hours per day
• Decide the information you will consume

5. Read a book

The best way to tackle your phone addiction is to replace it with some other activities.

Figure out the dead times when you are using your phone every day.

Now, try to replace it with reading books.

Reading will help you gain:

• Knowledge
• Abundant mindset

6. Use your phone with a purpose

We frequently pick up our phones and begin randomly scrolling when we are bored.

If you keep doing it, it will turn into a habit and become uncontrollable.

Use your phone for:

• Building business
• Educating yourself
• Creating content

7. Delete time-wasting apps

The best way to reduce the time being spent on phones is to delete unnecessary apps.

Do this:

• Create 2 folders: “Important” & “Not Important”
• Categorized your apps in these 2 folders
• Delete the apps in the “Not Important” folder

8. Take a complete digital break

This is one of the next-level & hardest digital detox tips.

It requires a lot of practice & motivation.

A complete digital break consists of giving up the internet for 24 hours or longer period of time.


• More focus
• More peace


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