How to build a great life.

🧵 How to build a great life (17 things I’ve learned) I’ve run hard my whole life—always charging forward, rarely looking back. But 50 hits you different. It’s caused me to pause & reflect. ⬇️
Lots of people have had more success in business & made more money than me. What I’ve done better than most (along with my wife, the unsung hero) is put it all together to build a great, multi-dimensional life—one that I don’t need a vacation from. I’m not boasting here…
…I’ve made huge mistakes & learned most of this stuff the hard way. For many years I was unsatisfied and would have benefitted from the advice in this thread. ⬇️ Here are 17 time-tested things I’ve learned. My hope is that you can apply at least 1 in your own life.
1/ The only things that really matter are relationships & experiences. And the best of both cost nothing. Sharing amazing experiences with those closest to you is as good as it gets. This seems obvious, yet we look for joy in all the wrong places.
2/ Biggie was right – beyond a surprisingly low threshold, mo’ money often means mo’ problems. I’ve met dozens, maybe hundreds, of very rich people and wouldn’t trade places with most of them. That’s easy to say when you have money, but even if you don’t…
…you can shift your mindset to live more richly now. If you’re under 40 you’re a *time billionaire*, truly wealthier than Warren Buffet! If you don’t believe that, ask yourself this: Would you trade places with Warren Buffet if it meant being his age (90)?
3/ Study minimalism – it’s not what you think it is. Minimalism isn’t about self-denial, it’s exactly the opposite – editing your life to make room for *more* of the good stuff. 👉 Start with @TheMinimalists (they have a doc on Netflix).
5/ Be the fittest version of yourself. Your body is your vessel for life’s journey – treat it accordingly. Fitness is the rising tide that floats all boats, a multiplier for everything. I’m not talking about hitting the gym a few times a week…
[drone video credit to my daughter Abby who shot this in high winds]
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