Ask and ye shall get – The Startup Approach to Crack Deals [Jugaad]

If you are a startup, jugaad is the key to get things done. The most important element of jugaad is the way to start conversation and pull the deal towards your way.

And to start conversation, the first thing you need to do is TALK. Very candidly [or articulate, if you can] ask what and why you want.

I recently had an interesting experience with one of the largest software company. I had to use one of their software for a specific purpose and while the trial version lasted only 30 days, I needed a few more days to finish off my task.

So out of shamelessness [inject this virtue in your blood cells, if you want to try out Jugaad], I wrote a mail to support team of this company saying I need an extension of the license.

As expected, they refused [am glad that they cared to reply], and before closing the chapter, I replied to the person

Dear <name>,

I appreciate your response and before you mark this service request/ticket as closed, I thought I will share my perspective on the same.

Please understand that instead of asking for license extension, I could have easily borrowed a pirated copy of your <xxx> software.

I sent out my earlier email because I firmly believe in the effort that has gone behind creating an awesome software and wouldn’t like to take any other route to cheat that effort.

I hope you understand the perspective and speak to your seniors and work out something.

If not, it’s all right.

In good faith,


A bit of honesty, a bit of sense of purpose mixed with emotion and within 2 days, I had an extended license with a note requesting to not share this story with others [otherwise it becomes a norm :)]; but the crux of the matter is that asking does lead to a conversation and stuff happens when people talk.

I have also experienced similar experience while organizing UnPluGGd and more deal one goes through, the more I realize that ‘asking’ is the key to get what you want.

And most of the times, geeks owing to their logical thought process tend to ask by rules.

And not to start a conversation.

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