Five tips to choose the best Facebook Cover Page for your brand


Five tips to choose the best Facebook Cover Page for your brand

Facebook is the ultimate forum to get your brand out there. And a revolutionary, attractive cover page is the way to start. The first thing on your page to catch your customer’s eye is your cover page, and an appealing cover gets them involved enough to check out your whole page. So, how do you make your cover page charming and gripping enough to captivate an audience? In this article we bring to you 5 valuable tips to take your cover page to the next level. For a better understanding, we seek aid from top brands’ cover pages.

Tell a Quick Story

Five seconds is all you have to grab the attention of a customer,  tell them what your brand has to offer and satisfy them enough to like your page. This is accomplished only when your cover page tells a quick story. With a single glance at the Overgo Studio Page, you’re immediately aware of what they’re all about – marketing. This invites all those interested in marketing to like your page. With the perfect blend of crisp words and pictures, it’s easy to get your message across to your audience, as we see with Overgo Studio.

Be Creative and Simple

With a simple, creative and charming image, Dropbox successfully portrays what their brand is all about. The customer knows that they deal with storing files, and all this using no words. People scouting Facebook pages don’t usually have the time or patience to read a lot. Therefore, a well crafted picture is always more effective than a long, explanatory sentence. This image also contains the element of fun and accessibility, which is always more appealing than boring, services explained is complicated sentences.

Engage your customers

Customer reaction is only purpose of brands’ Facebook pages, and what better way to achieve this than engaging them personally? Verizon Wireless has emerged victorious is customer engagement.

They get their fans involved in deciding the cover of their page, and update the cover daily to different pictures sent by customers themselves. To take it one step further, they give the sender credit for his specific cover with his details and a picture. Thus, more customers are encouraged to participate in this exciting program. What more can a Verizon fan ask for?

New Day – New Cover

Getting your audience to like your page is the first step. Once that is accomplished, how do you retain their attention? Your cover is the ultimate answer. incorporates every update in their cover page. This way, their activity is promoted and fans are drawn in regularly. Thus, this is another productive step towards publicizing your brand’s latest activities.

A Cover for Every Occasion

To end on a superb note, we use one of India’s leading brands as an example. Airtel’s cover page always changes with each new occasion. This shows fans that Airtel celebrates every occasion alongside its customers. Additionally, this is effective in informing customers about their seasonal schemes and festive promotions.

That’s all Folks! Any feedback or information regarding Facebook cover pages is welcome and much appreciated. If you have an exceptionally creative cover page, please share it as a comment and we will try to feature it in our follow-up blog.

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