How to Save Your Business From Gmail Outage


How to Save Your Business From Gmail Outage

For those who rely on Google’s e-mail for business, it can be a tough situation when the service goes down. On Monday, Gmail services were down for many. This is the second time this month. Before you go on Twitter and vent, make sure your business isn’t affected by the outage. Here are some simple things to try so you can stay up when everyone else is down.Google Down

1.Use Desktop/ Mobile Clients

Sometimes during an outage you can still access your Gmail through a desktop or mobile client. This is probably your best bet. All the older e-mails will be stored locally on your computer and can be accessed using the client. New mails will also come through in most cases.

2.Try Squadmail

The folks at Squadmail have a simple solution. Here’s what you need to do. Create a backup e-mail address and add that to SquadMail. Now add the backup account to all your SquadFolders which is synced across services. More here.

3. Use the offline Gmail app

The Gmail offline app is a Chrome app that can be used to deal with e-mail even without an Internet connection. You can use your Gmail when you lose your connection by clicking the Gmail Offline in a new tab within your Chrome browser. More here.

4. Setup Mail forwarding

Setup mail forwarding to your secondary e-mail address which you can use as a backup. This must be from a different service provider such as Yahoo. In most cases, even when Gmail is down, mail forwarding will work. Check how to do that here.

Note: These are very simple hacks and may not work all the time. But it sure is worth a shot. If you have tried or come across interesting hacks to this problem, do share with others in the comments section.

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