How to deliver a great presentation talk

1/ Find intrinsic motivation The panic attack incident created a chip on my shoulder. I thought – if another person can do it, why couldn’t I? I now had something to prove … to myself. This was a strong motivator.
5/ Find a friendly audience to practice I started with my mirror. I then used family. Finally, I joined @Toastmasters and practiced with a friendly audience. This part is key. The more I pitched, the better it got.
6/ Create a pre-presentation routine If it’s an important presentation, I do a routine. I watch the Steve Jobs’ iPhone launch keynote before to psych myself to do as great a job that he did. I enter the stage at the peak of my confidence.
7/ When things go wrong Even with the best prep, things won’t go as planned. I’ve forgotten entire sections of my speech. If you forget something, just remember – The Audience doesn’t have your script. So don’t get flustered. Just continue. They won’t even know it!
8/ tl;dr 1. Find your inner motivation 2. Learn storytelling 3. Tune your presentation to the Audience (not to you) 4. Create a Swipe file and copy what you can 5. Practice with a friendly audience 6. Create a pre-presentation routine. 7. If things go wrong, don’t panic.
Hi everyone! Taking care of my 3 yo, if you want the Pixar Storytelling workshop slides, pls DM me so I don’t forget 🙏

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