From forum: How to design PR Campaign for your startup

[Editorial notes: forum is a community of entrepreneurs, geeks and importantly, community that is willing to help each in the entrepreneurial journey. In fact, couple of days back, we…

[Editorial notes: forum is a community of entrepreneurs, geeks and importantly, community that is willing to help each in the entrepreneurial journey. In fact, couple of days back, we introduced “Connect me to” section, enabling connection to customers/partners/investors through a trusted channel. And the result has been phenomenal. We continue to make forum as the place to get feedback/insights from the startup community and look forward to great discussions ahead.]

Here are a few interesting discussions started on forum.

How to design PR Campaign for your startup

I’m looking for any insights, thoughts, resources & useful material that could help our team & other startups in India in building a good PR campaign. Alongside, I’ll be contributing our experience and learning’s back here for others to read. If we’re able to put together a great set of resources, then I’ll help author a blog post that compiles the resources, experiences & insights that go into executing such an activity in India.
Here’s a summarized list of what could be useful to us and other startups in the same spot:
1. What makes a great PR campaign? Examples of great press releases (preferably in the Indian context)
2. A list of important blogs, bloggers, startup communities & publishers in India with the respective contact personnel (email, mobile, twitter handle) that you should push out your product’s information to.
3. What are the general preferences of the above publishers? Do they prefer to be contacted via email? phone? twitter? email followed by a phone call?
4. How should you be following up with those you communicated the product release information to?
5. How do I know when to stop wasting my time on someone and start communicating with the next person on my list?

Can Indian publisher sell Android Paid Apps as of today?

It is possible that those Indian publishers have an entity based in U.S. or U.K. and a bank account to link with Google Checkout Merchant account. Apart from this I don’t see a way to sell Android apps in Android Market.

How Do i Send a MERGER request?

The first question is: Why would i want to merge with a start-up.?
Answer: Their team members have all the skills that i totally lack. Previously i hired a person to do that part for me but that person ran away (For some unknown reason). So, i felt it would be better if i can get them on my team.
So, please let me know a few polite ideas of how do i merge with them. No issues of Cash as my company is investor backed now. Adding those team members will definitely add value to my company.

Using SMSC gateways with a test account

Need to send some messages to port1 of a phone through a script (through an SMS gateway/other). Any leads/pointers are welcome.

Political Parties/Elections

Any idea what software our political parties use in general? What do they use for analyzing election results, demographic data etc?

How do i meet the co-founder of my future startup ?
I am starting with my idea and have everything ready idea-wise and plan-wise. I am searching for a partner/co-founder who will share the same enthusiasm and interest i have towards the idea, but haven’t met one lately !
What should be my next move ?
Some more details: I am a tech guy but I cannot kick start on the idea alone. So I have thought of getting freelancers to get the modules done and even probably persuade them to join me on my journey

Open Questions:

World cities and their localities database

Need suggestions with Business card Design

Good reads:


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