How to fail at hitting your 2022 goals. A step-by-step guide

Keep goals ambiguous Don’t tie yourself down with specifics. – David Morris

How to fail at hitting your 2022 goals. A step-by-step guide:🧵👇 (#9 will change your life)
1️⃣ Make it BIG All those inspiring books you read said your goals should be BIG! They wouldn’t publish it if it wasn’t true, would they? $5 million business this year? Shoot for $100 million next year. Can’t run down the driveway? Marathon it is. This is your year!
2️⃣ Keep goals ambiguous Don’t tie yourself down with specifics. Generalize wherever possible. Think: “Get in better shape.” That’s hard to nail you down on, right?
3️⃣ Maintain emotional distance There’s no reason to get all wrapped up in this. According to research, 80% of people will abandon their goals by January 19 anyway. Pick goals that don’t mean much to you. If you don’t hit them, who cares?
4️⃣ Assume success (and only success) Success is rarely linear. Because of that, some people say you should: – Identify likely causes of failure (so you can mitigate them) – Plan in advance how you’ll respond if you get off track Sounds important… Nah. You got this.
5️⃣ Make sure it’s drudgery Your high school coach was right ⏤ Only the weak do the work just so they can earn the rewards. But you’re not weak, are you? Eat glass, swallow nails, starve desire, gut it out. No relief. No rewards. Suffering is its own reward.
6️⃣ Keep it all in your head They say writing down your goals increases your chances of hitting them. By nearly 50%. “They” say a lot of things. Don’t handcuff yourself by putting it on paper. You’ll remember.
7️⃣ Don’t tell anyone There are 2 problems with telling people about your goals: 1. They’ll ask how it’s going (how nosey!) 2. They’ll try to help (how presumptive!) No matter what, keep your cards close to your vest. It’s no one’s business but yours.
8️⃣ Set it and forget it A bunch of nerdy doctors did a study. It found that weighing daily tripled weight loss over a 6 month period. Sounds fishy. There’s only one thing that can come from tracking your progress ⏤ A deep sense of defeat. No thank you.
9️⃣ Let feelings be your guide Let’s face it, it’s hard to stick to a plan. Some days you just don’t have it. Here’s a life rule to post on your mirror: “If you don’t feel it, don’t do it.” Didn’t one of the Stoics say that?
🔟 Expect immediate results So much has been made of the concept of compounding. The idea is that, given time, small things add up to big things. Much ado about nothing. You live in the here and now. If tomorrow doesn’t reward you for effort expended today, is it worth it?
If all that sounds about right to you, good luck in 2022. For the rest of you, Here’s the path to nailing your 2022 objectives:
1. Set challenging but achievable goals 2. Be specific 3. Build emotional ties 4. Plan your response to failure 5. Pre-plan rewards for consistency 6. Write it all down 7. Share what you’re doing 8. Track progress 9. Make peace with the process 10. Think long-term
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