How to block #IPL (any) noise from your Twitter stream

With the new season of IPL on the way, most of Twitter is buzzing with news updates and spam from the IPL6 event. At times for some of us this barrage of IPL6 related information can become overwhelming or even annoying. IPL  spam, or for that matter any kind of spam, can overwhelm most with all the noise of unwanted information crowding the Twitter ecosystem. By default the official Twitter app or website does not allow you to filter tweets on your timeline. For the some of us for who want to filter out the noise and banter, here are a few way to do so.

Options for Twitter on the web

TweetDeck, a very popular app among most Twitter users, has a  filtering function using which  you can hide tweets that contain certain terms or #hashtags. All you have to do is, go to Settings button, then click on Global Filters and add the terms or #hashtags you want filtered. This method will hide any tweets with the terms or #hashtags from appearing in your timeline in the future. You can also block a particular user’s tweets is by clicking on them, and selecting the ‘Block User’ option. Use this step with step with caution as this does not hide the tweet but blocks all tweets from the blocked user. Sign Up for Tweetdeck here.Tweetdeck

Open Tweet Filter is a browser extension that helps you filter out tweets by their contents or by their authors using regular expressions. This extension also allows you to save your filters as a bookmarklet, making it easy to segregate your feeds. As with most filters, this extension also does not delete your tweets, they are just hidden. Hence you can access your full twitter feed by disabling the extension or changing the filter settings. You can get the chrome extension here and the other version here.Open tweet filter

Larry Filter for Twitter is another browser extension, available for both chrome and Mozilla, that helps you hide tweets from your Twitter feed on the website. All you have to do is, make a list of terms or #hashtags that you want filtered or hidden, and they will hidden from your timeline until the terms are removed from your filter list. This function does not delete the tweets, but just hides it from your timeline. Get the chrome version here.

Proxlet a popular tweet filter, that can be installed as either an extension or a mobile app was another easy and popular way to block out particular tweets from your feed. Even though popular, Twitter had blocked the app last year for violating terms of its API rules.

Option for Twitter on mobile platforms

TweetCaster is one of the most popular apps for accessing Twitter on mobile platforms. The app is available for Android, iOS and also amazon tablet users. One of the most interesting functions that I came across in the app was “Zip It.” This option will allow you to ‘zip’ the person, users mentioned, terms, or #hashtags in the tweet. Once the option is enabled, the tweets that were zipped will be hidden and a ‘zipper’ will be displayed in their place. In the future if you want to view the hidden tweets all you have to do is ‘unzip the zipper’. Geth Tweetcaster for all platforms here.

Tweetbot for iOS (paid) has a mute function that enables you to filter out #tags or users for a particular time period i.e 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or forever. Touch and hold hashtag or user for UI. Since this function is restricted to the Tweetbot app, it makes no changes on your actual twitter feed. Get the app here.

Twicca & Plume for Android are third party tweeting apps for the android platform. Both these apps provide the filtering functions, which will hide the filtered tweets within the app. You can get Ticca here and Plume here.

TweetDeck(app) does the equivalent of what its web version does, for the mobile platform. But Twitter has announced that they will be retiring the v1.0 of Twitter’s API, that was used by the TweetDeck app (Android & iOS) and the TweetDeck app will be removed from the respective app stores by early May.

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