How to find a niche for your business?

How to find a niche for your business? (Make the most of your marketing efforts, create new categories and rule them) A thread.. 🧵
Many of us fear limiting our target audience because we don’t want to miss out on the potential business. But that’s a huge mistake. So, how do you narrow your target audience?
The answer is simple: 🚨 FIND YOUR NICHE 🚨 You must have heard this term (niche) a zillion times.
Here’s an example to make you understand. I’m LUV. Let’s assume, I’m a digital marketer selling digital services. Now, digital marketing is a very big industry that can be categorized into SEO, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Videos, Social Media, Facebook Ads, Search Ads.
Let’s say, I’m most skilled at FACEBOOK ADS. So, I have found my category within the industry. Now, LUV is a DIGITAL MARKETER who specializes in FACEBOOK ADs. I have narrowed my target audience to people who are specifically looking to run Facebook Ads.
If you were a startup looking for a digital marketer to run Facebook Ads, and you came across my ad (LUV- The Facebook ads Expert for Startups) vs a generalist’s ad (selling all the digital services) What would you do? Of course, you would choose to interact with my ad.
Let’s see some more examples: If you run a travel company ✈️, ABC is a TRAVEL COMPANY which specializes in SINGAPORE TRIPS for FAMILIES Or ABC is a TRAVEL COMPANY which specializes in BALI TRIPS for ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION
If you run a fitness GYM 🏃‍♀️, ABC is a GYM which specializes in WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING for WOMEN Or ABC is a GYM which specializes in STAMINA TRAINING for WOMEN
Essentially you are doing nothing new. You still offer everything. It’s just that you have changed your POSITIONING.
All your marketing communications should revolve around a niche and you will become a leader within your category without competing with big brands.
Once you have dominated in 1 niche, you can create more niches using the ICS Framework and start working on them. fin. /🧵

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