How to find the right Google ads keywords #KeywordResearch

Every Google Ads guru tells you “do keyword research” but none of them ever tell you how.

If they won’t do it, I will.

Here’s how to find the right keywords AND rank higher for them than your competition:


The first step is finding a mix of terms with lowish costs and high potential.

One way to do so is with a spy tool.

I like SpyFu.

Go to their website, plug in your competitors, find out which terms they’re targeting, and target those too.

The second way is typical keyword tools like Google’s built-in tool, Keywords Everywhere, Ahrefs, and Moz.

Pick the one that’s right for your budget, plug in a general phrase to start things off, then find more niche terms to target cheaply.

At this point, you’ll have a bunch of terms to choose from.

Now it’s time to rank for them.

Step one is choosing targeting type.

Broad match often gets lower-quality traffic than phrase match and exact match.

Starting with phrase and exact is usually the better strategy.

Next, you want to make your campaigns as relevant as possible.

Do so by matching your offer, landing pages, and ads to the phrases you’re targeting.

The more relevant your ads are, the more Google will prioritize them.

Finally, you need to give customers a good experience.

Do so with a clean website, clear policies (refund, shipping, etc), on-site customer service, and an offer that leaves people satisfied.

The more people enjoy shopping with you, the more Google will prioritize your ads.

Quick Summary:

1. Do keyword research with SpyFu
2. Do keyword research with typical SEO tools
3. Choose the right match types
4. Make your ads and offer relevant to those terms
5. Make shopping with you a positive experience

Do those, and you’ll dominate the competition.

That’s everything.

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