How to get 1,000 true fans on Twitter? Follow these 4 simple steps

4 steps to 1,000 true fans on Twitter:
Think Like a Niche Streaming Service:

It’s critical that you focus on helping a specific person looking for specific advice.

The more helpful your content is to a specific audience, the more likely they are to find your “signal” in a world of generic “noise”.

Stay narrow.

Become a Category Pirate:

Don’t blend in. Stand out.

And the easiest way to stand out is through non-obvious content.

Non-obvious content is about bringing a new thought process to your niche.

Something that makes you radically different.

Ask yourself these questions ↓

– What is something everyone believes to be true, that you don’t?

– What is something nobody in your niche is talking about, but should be?

– What are the biggest mistakes people are making, that they are oblivious to?

– Why are you someone worth following when others aren’t?

Tell a story worth following:

Like the founder of a company, you need a story that compels your audience.

The story can’t be fake. It’s your real story but stitched together in a fashion that makes it exciting to follow along.

Use this formula:

Do unscalable things:

Here are some of the things I’ve done:

– Published daily to social media, often 2x-3x per day.

– Replied to every comment, every morning for over an hour.

– Engaged with 15+ people’s content every morning for over 3 years.


1. Think like a niche “streaming service”

2. Become a Category Pirate

3. Tell a story worth following

4. Do unscalable things

If you want go deeper on this subject, check out my article:

“4 Steps to 1,000 True Fans”

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