How to get into YCombinator [Interview with Interviewstreet]

Interviewstreet is the first Indian startup to get in to YCombinator Program.

If you are a startup planning to apply for the next batch at YCombinator’s incubation programe, know what it takes to make it there, what does Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston look for in a startup, what kind of preparation would you need , and what is it to experience life at YC.

About Interviewstreet : It  is a platform where you could simplify your process of filtering , screening and hiring candidates for companies. It helps you to create your own customized tests ranging from multiple-choice-questions, text-answer questions to programming questions (also it has an in-built codechecker to evaluate the applicant’s code), send it across to applicants and by just glancing through Interviewstreet’s reports, you would know whom to call for a phone interview!

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