How to Get More Facebook Likes to Supercharge Your Brand With LikeKaro


How to Get More Facebook Likes to Supercharge Your Brand With LikeKaro, by Uday Ogra, is an interesting Facebook hack using the concept of Like-Gating.

What is Like-Gating?

Like-Gating is a concept which requires non-fan Facebookers to like your page in order to enter a particular campaign or view a video you host. This is an approach a lot of Facebook fan pages use in order to increase likes on the Facebook fan page, and this practice is legal as it is within Facebook’s promotions Guidelines.

The concept uses the simple policy of “Like our page before you can access our resources.”

For example, if you run a Facebook fan page and have some interesting content on the page that you want to share with others. But the only condition you keep for users wanting to access the content is that they ‘Like’ the fan-page before they get access to the content.

LikeKaroThis is where the LikeKaro Facebook app comes into play. Once installed in your Facebook account, the app will generate links for you for the content you want to share. Only once a user clicks on this new link, they will be redirected to your fan page and asked to ‘Like” the page. Only once they ‘Like’ the page , they will be redirected to original destination where you had put content to be shared. The app achieves this by creating link wrappers over your original link.

The links will read, for example, “Like our page before you can see our latest video ” or “”Like our page before you can download our latest documents”

Many brands are using the like-gating concept to increase their fan base, but there is no simple solution for it. Most of them end up having to pay heavily to social companies to achieve this like-gating. This app intends to solve this problem for small scale brands who want to increase their social presence but do not want to spend too much on advertising.

With Facebook commerce growing and more and more brands promoting their products on Facebook, hack like these will help them increase their social presence through social networks.

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