How to hire great talent? Ask these questions

Ask better questions. Get better answers (and people). 11 questions to help you land top talent. 🧵
1/ “Tell me about a time you had to make a decision, without all of the information required.” There always seems to be an abundance of information, except when you need it most. The best people are able to analyze the available data, weigh potential outcomes, & make a call.
2/ “Is it better to have a job done perfectly, and late, or good but on time?” Paralysis by perfection is tan affliction we all suffer from at times. Find those who strive for high-quality results, while understanding the machine has to keep moving forward. Bias toward action.
3/ “What is your ideal working environment?” Different strokes for different folks. Communal office space? Find people interested in collaboration & community. Making the migration to remote work? Look for those that enjoy working with a high level of autonomy.
4/ “What is your perception of taking on risks?” Understand your risk profile as a business and hire accordingly. People with a high-risk tolerance will feel suppressed in a conservative work environment & vice versa. Square peg -> round hole Doesn’t work for you or them.
5/ “How do you decide what to delegate and to whom?” People generally land in one of two camps: Camp A– Try to do everything themselves. Camp B– Push everything to subordinates. Look for someone in the middle. Willing to put in the work, while knowing they can’t do it all.
6/ “What single project do you consider your most significant career accomplishment so far?” “Significant” is relative. What one person deems to be a huge achievement, another may not. Know what success looks like to your candidate & ensure it aligns with your vision as well.
7/ “What kind of oversight would your ideal boss provide?” In my experience, I’ve typically encountered 2 types of people: A– Take the ball & run B– Follow the person with the ball Be sure you know which type you need. Neither will be effective when placed in the wrong spot.
8/ “How have you changed in the last 5 years?” I love to see how people view themselves. What’s important to them, how have they grown, what are they focused on? Look for those who are constantly challenging themselves and you won’t have to. Self-starters-≥ Curious & Driven.
9/ “Explain something complicated to me that you know well.” Assuming you’re hiring for a leadership role, your candidate’s ability to effectively explain their vision is vital. The best leaders take complex topics, & break them down into simple terms the team can execute on.
10/ “How do you evaluate your ability to handle conflict?” Let’s face it. People don’t always get along. Things go wrong, mistakes happen, sometimes people are just in a bad mood. Finding people who are able to effectively manage conflict will pay you back 10 fold over time.
11/ “What is something you’d be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?” It’s a fact. When people are happy two things happen: Increased production + Higher quality. Find those that “fit.” They’ll want to stay and you’ll want to keep them.

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