How to hire the right marketer at the right time for your startup

Mux Spivak, a marketer has insightful points for early stage startups hiring a marketer.

Regardless of which motion you’re trying to match your marketer to, Spivak holds strong opinions on the level of experience early marketing folks should bring to the table.

“I caution against finding someone who’s very far removed from actually doing any IC-level work. That’s not to say that you’re hiring a marketing leader and you expect them to do IC work forever, but they should be prepared to do some for at least a few quarters. You’ve got to get some quick wins for the company while you figure out which marketer is the most necessary to hire next,” she says.

She lists out a few tactics that should be in any product-led growth marketer’s wheelhouse: “They’ve bought ads in the past, have experience in email marketing, and they know social media marketing, SEO and SEM. They don’t need to be an expert in all of these areas, but they should have familiarity with all kinds of tactical strategies to directly reach consumers quickly,” she says.

She sketches out the to-do list for a marketer in a top-down sales startup: “You need to write case studies, craft website copy that is genuine, authoritative and credible, collect testimonials with supporting evidence from customers willing to endorse your product or join your webinar. It’s a more product marketing-oriented skillset that’s content-based,” she says.

Half the battle is figuring out where to prioritize your skillset search. Uncover what you already have so that you understand what you need most.

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