How to keep your crypto assets safe?

1/ Crypto Wallet 101. How to keep your assets clean, secure, and ready for tax season. Plus, track all your NFTs and coins in one place. 🧵
2/ Security is a top priority, for sure—but so is organization and clarity. To trade and invest with confidence, you will need a complete understanding of what’s working in your portfolio. Let’s start with safety, and why you need both hot + cold wallets.
4/ Fun fact about your seed phrase. You can take it to other hot wallets. Signed up using Rainbow, but want to take it into MetaMask? No problem. These apps don’t lock you in to their UI. Your wallet and passwords are yours alone, take them to whatever interface you want.
6/ Bottom line: you need both hot and cold wallets. Ideally, you will have multiples of both. It may seem disorganized to be spread across several wallets. But if you are hacked, this limits your exposure. Better to lose 10% than 100%. Now, let’s solve for organization.
12/ Now you’re organized, armed with insights, and ready to trade with confidence. Go get yourself some JPEGs.

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