How to lose business? Ans: Build too much contact with the customer

Just like Rome was not built in a day, Building Business is a mammoth task. It takes years to build a big business and probably a much lesser time to destroy it.

If you are into B2B business and calling up your customers too often, you probably have taken the first step (of destruction).

A study by McKinsey covering 1,200 purchase decision makers throws interesting insights on why sales do not happen.

where sales reps go wrong

  • 35% said ‘Too much contact (in person, by phone or via email)
  • 20% felt that the sales reps lacked the knowledge about the product.
  • 9% believed that lack of business knowledge about usefulness of product to customer’s business.
  • 8% of sales reps failed because of their aggressive sales style

Interesting that you can fix all of the above, except for one, i.e. finding the right balance between how much is too much for the customer.

Infact forget B2B sales, this happens in our regular life as well. If the sales rep is overdoing it, you build a perception that they probably have a mediocre product.

So how do you define that perfect balance?

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