How to make a living as a creator?

Want to make a living as a creator? Use these 15 lessons from @shl, @naval, and @benthompson to become a successful creator 🧵
1. Many Leaderboards There will always be someone at the top of the leader board. BUT, the internet makes it possible for there to be multiple leaderboards. Someone can be the top Guitarist on Youtube. Another can be the top Youtube comedian. Find your leaderboard.
2. Early Adopters There’s always an advantage to being early to a new medium. Why? When people first wander into that medium, they search for who already is there. Think about TikTokers before the pandemic.
3. World is Craving Authenticity People crave truth. When someone is raw, authentic, and honest, it’s naturally attractive. Authenticity builds credibility. And credibility is more important than distribution.
4. What Feels Like Play If you can find what feels like play to you, then no one can compete with you. Observe your behaviors, and over time you will figure it out. Or many times your peers will/can tell you.
5. How to Differentiate There are many ways to differentiate. Being the best isn’t the only way. You can be average but the only one in a niche and be successful through differentiation.
6. What feels like play to you but looks like work to others. Phrase breakdown: Feels – Your internal feeling. Like Play – Because it’s fun for you. Looks Like – Because outside person doesn’t have the feel. Like Work – Because it if looks like work, then you can monetize.
7. Ultimate Differentiation Factor The ultimate differentiation factor, by definition is that no one can compete with is yourself. Like Naval previously said, “The world is craving authenticity.” Differentiate from the entire world by just being you.
8. Tinkerers Most successful creators are tinkerers. Because many times creators are messing with the edges of their fields. This curiosity can lead to rapid success through early adoption.
9. How To Be a Good Creator To be a good creator, you have to be creative. And to be creative, you have to constantly be creating. It’s not a one-time thing. It’s constantly creating within your domain.
10. Beauty of The Internet No matter how bizarre your curiosity or passions, there is a group on the internet that will like it. Most likely a group big enough that you can form a small business around it. 1K true fans are more powerful than a large disengaged following.
11. History Remembers the Creators In any endeavor, the top individuals are creators. History remembers the people are breaking new grounds, creating new things, or generating new ideas. And if you have an iPhone, you can be a creator.
12. Success is a Single Player Game You can’t follow anyone else’s path to success. It’s a singular player game. Only you can create your own path and definition.
13. Lean Into Your Superpowers Double down on your strengths. These are your superpowers. It’s where your creativity excels. Delegate where you’re weak and your creativity diminishes.
14. 3 Forms of Leverage Labor – Outsource anything that is below your hourly rate Capital – When you make a decision you can invest capital to multiply its force in the free markets Creating a product
15. 400 True Fans Don’t get caught up in the metrics that social platforms glamorize. 400 people is an incredible amount of people. Imagine you’re speaking at an event and 400 people show up. That’s a big deal. 400 true fans > 4000 disengaged followers
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TL;DR 1. Find your leaderboard. 2. Become an early-adopter. 3. World craves authenticity. 4. Find what feels like play. 6. But feels like work to others. 7. Differentiate through niche selection. 8. The ultimate differentiation factor is being you. 9. Tinker in your domain
10. Constantly create to become a good creator. 11. There is a group out there who would love your content/products. 12. History remembers the creators. 13. Success is a single-player game. 14.Lean into superpowers 15. Use all forms of leverage

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