How to maximize ad performance on FB and Insta? Know the Performance 5 framework from Meta

I’m at Meta’s Performance Marketing Summit today.

They shared a framework called “Performance 5”.

It’s their new set of best practices for those wanting to maximize ad performance on FB and Instagram.

Here it is:

#1: Account Simplification

I’ve tweeted about this a lot, but this has to do with improving your ad account’s signal resiliency.

Specifically, they recommend keeping “Learning Phase” to under 20% of your overall budget by concentrating your spend into few Ad Sets and Campaigns.

#2: Creators for DR

They recommend that if you’re new to this, consider investing 10% of ad budget into branded content ads (and scale up from there).

Short-form video is the future (and honestly the present) of the platform. Advertisers need to adjust to that.

#3: Creative diversification

They recommend testing new ad formats, but especially Reels (again, the future of the platform).

Also design creatives for each of your ideal customer profiles to maximize reach and improve conversion.

#4: Conversions API Quality Check

They recommend making sure your integrated into the Conversions API and more specifically, to make sure you have “Good” or “Great” scores for Event Match Quality (EMQ Score).

#5: Business results validation

This one is my favorite.

They recommend doing account-wide lift studies on at least a quarterly basis and doing the analysis based on Conversions API integrated data, not just the pixel (which can underreport by up to 50%).

Performance 5 aligns with what we’ve experienced from Meta for the last decade.

More AI-powered tools and automation, adoption of emerging content/ad types, and an intense focus on measurable results.

Feel free to ping me if you have any Qs or say hi if you’re here! ✌️

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