Ways You Can Get Your Hands On The OnePlus 2

OnePlus is a lot more confident of the number of phones it can sell this time around so is investing on a much larger launch inventory (30-50x more) so you might not have to do anything. You can also simply submit your email and the company will send you an invite when one becomes available. Or you could haggle with your friend over one as the sharable invite system is much better this time.

The OnePlus 2 will be sold through an invite only system just as its predecessor, but before you lose hope of ever getting your hands on one the company has said it improve upon the experience.

OnePlus 2 Invite

Do nothing

OnePlus claims it’s learnt a lot with the One and is more confident of how well the OnePlus 2 might be received. That has led to the company investing in a far larger launch inventory (30-50x of last year’s inventory) making it a lot easier to get your hands on the device.

Reserve One

You obviously don’t have time to hang around forums and on social media all day in order to score an invite. This time around you can simply enter your email ID and OnePlus will send you an invite when the device becomes available. The company, however, says it will prioritize its forum supporters when it comes to handing out invites.

Buy A Friend Beer

Buyers of the OnePlus 2 will receive invites which they can then share with friends, just like last time. However, the shareable invites will arrive much faster this time, meaning you can start haggling over how many beer you owe your friend for that invite much sooner.

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