How to Publicize Your Startup and Get Paid for it Too!

You’ve seen startups throwing money at public relations companies to score some press. It’s a tad desperate, but that’s one way of going about it.

But there’s another way. In fact, you can even get paid to run your publicity campaign. You’ve got to be ready to take your pants off. Or just be a bit creative.

Here’s how: Greg Moran the co-founder of Zoomcar sent me a link to a very funny campaign they are running on Indiegogo. Greg and his team are raising $1000 to pimp out an old-school Ambassador car. As you probably know already, Zoomcar is a self drive car service. Take a look at the campaign video

The video also cleverly pimps Zoomcar in between for a few seconds. The campaign has already gotten press mentions and is being shared a bit. And of course now you are reading about it on NextBigWhat.

They’ve already raised $750 from 31 backers on Indiegogo. It won’t be surprising if the team ends up raising the money.

This, is really how startups need to hustle!

And since we are at it, take a look at what else you can do if your startup sucks at publicity. And in case you land up in the midst of a publicity disaster, you can always learn from people who’ve already been there.

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