How to quickly eliminate stress.The Lion’s Breath Technique:

How to quickly eliminate stress.

The Lion’s Breath Technique:

Humans have been using breathing techniques to improve well-being for centuries.

Pranayama is an ancient breathing practice originating from yogic traditions in India.

The Lion’s Breath is a form of Pranayama that has been shown to eliminate stress.

Here’s how it works:

• Sit in a comfortable position with a slight forward lean and your hands on the floor.

• Focus your gaze on the tip of your nose.

• Inhale deeply through your nose.

• Open your mouth, stick your tongue out and down to your chin.

• Exhale forcefully with a “HA!” sound.

That is one “rep” of the technique.

You’ll want to take a few normal breaths through your nose with a relaxed face after each rep.

Repeat this process 5-10 times, depending on time and your level of practice.

Limit the forcefulness of the exhale if you’re a beginner.

The benefits of this technique are immense:

• Reduces stress immediately.

• Creates a feeling of power and self-confidence (great for before a big presentation).

• Opens up the face, neck, and chest muscles.

Next time you feel your stress levels rising, give it a shot!

I use the Lion’s Breath Technique as a tool to manage stress. It takes ~1-3 minutes and can have dramatic benefits.

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By the way, been loving the @othership_us app for building a practice around breathwork.

No affiliation and not an investor—just a tool I’ve been using and enjoying.

Highly recommend the guided ice bath breathing sessions—they get me more out of these cold mornings.

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